Note Expression: Unavailable?

When I select MIDI -> Note Expression -> Note Expression MIDI Setup

All options are “unavailable” except for Expression - CC11

Why is that?


Sorry you’re haiving trouble. You’re gonna totally dig Note Expression once you get it sorted out and play with it a bit.

Not exactly sure what’s causing the behavior you describe, but here are a couple of thoughts.

  1. Make sure that you have a “Note Expression Compatiable Instrument” fired up. (so… Halion Sonic SE would work)

  2. Record some MIDI notes on that instrument track.

  3. Open the key editor for that insturment trakc. (double click on the MIDI data).

…sorry. Don’t know you’re expereince level. Please forgive if I’m covering stuff you’re familiar with. :slight_smile:

When the Key Editor opens. First, click on the “display note expression” button in the tool bar (kinda looks like two triangles pointed at each other).

Then, in the inspector to the left, click on the ‘note expression’ tab to open it up.

Click (or it might be right-click) on the word “parameter” at the top. A diaolg should open with the option to “make all paramteters visable”. Select that.

Now go back to the MIDI menu where you were and see if anything changed.

My set up did not behave the way you describe yours behaving, so I don’t know that this will fix it, but its worth a try. Please let me know if that works.

Hope this helps!


One more thing… The stuff I’m trying to describe is spelled out on page 431 of the “Operations Manual”. First colum under the heading “filtering the list”.