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How can I pitch a note down by exactly 5 semitones using note expression?

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What are you try to accomplish by using Note Expression rather than just changing the pitch value of the note?

glide from note start to note end over a span of 5 semitones…

Doing this with Pitch Bend and Note Expression:
Set the Bend Range of the Synth to whatever interval you want, then use Turning note expression and the line tool to draw in the bend.

However, you may get a smoother slide by using Glide Time in the synth with fingered legato or full time glide. You might also consider using an LFO to set the glide by having the LFO modulate Pitch over a set length of time.

#1 -> hmm, yeah, this would in certain situations… good idea using the full range of the synths band =) - but, this would be limiting the note expression to one range with certainty (and a whole lot of guess work and uncertainty if one wants to only bend 2 semitones the next note etc…) - unless you automate the bend range of the synth too… - maybe a “semitone/cent” setting where one can specify a range in note expression, and hence work with speed and precision would be nice some day… ( i do not like guessing games :wink:)

#2 -> glide would work for some synths, and not for others- that is why the note expression/pitch bend is needed… -> LFO modulating pitch is too much of a guessing game, a flow killer and again not for all synths … - but good suggestions/altenatives…

I wonder if steiny is going to make a symbiosis with note expression and MPE - (being a heavy midi daw and MPE coming more and more - i wonder what the code wizards have up their sleeves :wink: )

For pitch (tuning) you can turn on vertical snap in note expression editor.


its still to clicky, unprecise, no snap points, unergonomic, generic, guess worky, insecure, decorative utmost tip of the note expression iceberg - an iceberg that is big enough to sink the titanic if implemented correctly…

but there is potential lurking in it… - Just needs some TLC, guidance, development and a good will behind it to see it through its infancy…

(personal opinion btw…- I have never liked its “flakey/guesswork non-efficient” implementation and haven’t found much sympathy for it as it is now)

some early suggestions:
-add start/end snap points
-individual cc/value resolution settings (snap to 0-127 , snap to cents/semitones, full range like it already implemented)
-chooseable cc’s etc from the dropdown list in the note expression window itself (the same list like when you would be using automation)

On really? Would you mind saying where that function is?

re: suggestions. Put them out one at a time in the Suggestions Forum.

If you want an exact pitch drop, then using the pitch bend range is probably the best way to get there. The problem with pitch bend is that it tends to quantize to 1/2 steps and is not a smooth pitch slide. If you sent the Bend Range to it’s maximum, usually +/- 12 semitones and then only bend down aa perfect 4th, it may be smoother. Getting to exact pitch is best done by ear, imho.

The LFO method can be very exact with timings down to the millisecond, but that depends on the synth in use and what it offers. In RetroLog 2 it’s pretty easy to drag and drop an LFO to Pitch and have it be modulated at an exact rate and depth.

In note expression event editor.

Thanks for that. Saved me a lot of time hunting for it. Most appreciated. :slight_smile: Great function that I’ve not worked with, didn’t know it was there.