Note Expression


I’m using note expressions in a project with a Halion Sonic instrument. But I also need to change the Release dial (not the one on the filter section) setting in Halion for different notes… so I can’t just set the Release dial and leave it.

For the most part, the Release dial would remain in its centre position but I just need a slightly longer release on certain notes.

I’m assuming I could automate this? (Is there only one way to do that??)

But is there another way with note expressions?

What is the best way to do this?

Thank you

It depends upon the actual preset, I’m afraid.
If, in the Edit page, in the NoteExp pane, for one of the eight NEs, the desired parameter is already available on the right, or if, in the Layer pane(s), the Modulation Matrix is available (where you can set a mod source to one of the eight NEs), then you can indeed access it in the individual Note Expression boxes for the note that you are editing.

Otherwise, you can at least MIDI Learn the release parameter to some convenient MIDI Controller, and then have that CC available in the Note Expression window (so long as you have activated “MIDI as NoteExp”). But of course be aware that, still being a “regular” CC, it will apply to all notes that happen to be playing simultaneously.

Thanks, not quite sure on this…

I highlighted the control I wish to control via note expression

I am still unsure how to do this



OK, I’ll try to give you a step-by-step :slight_smile:… (this being HALion Sonic SE rather than the full HALion Sonic 2, it doesn’t have all the Modulation Matrix options I mentioned earlier.)
I am actually trying it here, while writing this, so we’ll just see how it goes :wink:

Are you using MIDI CC#4 for anything already? (if so, we can use a different CC#, but CC#4 is already available for Note Expression, so long as, in the Inspector for the Track in the Project window, you enable the option in the Note Expression pane, “MIDI as NoteExp”.)
And will you be just writing the Note Expression data with the pencil in the Key Editor, or do you want to record it via MIDI? (just an extra step in the set-up, which I’ll describe later)

So, let’s say you have decided upon CC#4 as your controller for the preset’s Amp Release…
You will need to “MIDI Learn” that Release knob to MIDI CC#4, so if you do have an external controller that can generate CC#4, just record-enable the track that has HALion Sonic SE on it, right-click on the Release knob, choose “MIDI Learn”, then move your external controller.
If you don’t have an external controller available, create a MIDI Part on the track, and insert a CC#4 event in it, with the pencil. Right-click on the Release knob, choose “MIDI Learn”, then Play the MIDI Part into HALion Sonic SE.

In the Note Expression pane of the track’s Inspector, click on “CC#4”, so that its box becomes yellow, activate “MIDI as NoteExp”, a little further down the pane,(and, in the field just above that, if you wish, you can assign an incoming MIDI CC# to pilot it, for example, the modwheel).
You are now sorta “good to go” :wink:.
In the Key Editor, click on the “Show Note Expression Data” icon (looks like two opposite-facing triangles), double-click on the note that you wish to edit, (so that the Note Expression box for it opens). It will probably already be set to show “CC#4 Foot”. Draw your curve (or in this case probably just a straight line?).
But please bear in mind what I said earlier about this still really being just a “regular” MIDI CC, so it won’t be unique to that particular note. So, if you want the next note’s release to be back to normal, you’ll have to draw the Note Expression for that note also, with a line presumably in central position (which will now, as you have guessed, continue until the next note that you wish to modify :wink:.

If you had set up an external controller to pilot this, you can just record this like any other incoming MIDI :wink:.

Let us know if you need further clarification :slight_smile:

Thanks for that - really helpful, thanks.

Having seen how this works now, I think I will just automate the Release dial as it’s only needed here and there for the part. I’ll add in the automation as a step after I’m happy with the part otherwise.

How do I know what particular Halion Sonic instrument’s characteristics can be changed? I’m think about things like Breath etc

And do these instruments have aftertouch? How do I know what instrument has what?


I presume you have only HALion Sonic SE, so you will be able to change only the parameters that are immediately visible in the various tabs of the GUI (and MIDI Learn them, so it is up to you which MIDI CC#s you wish to assign to a particular parameter.
As regards host automation, it is available only for the eight macro knobs and the joystick “ball” at the bottom-right.