Note frames - staff sizes

You can copy/paste frames.

I’ve tried that - but it only refers to music pages. It says I can’t do so on a master page - but I’m not sure if my index page would qualify as a master page.
It won’t allow me to select copy when I select a frame (in Engrave mode)

The main problem with the ones I’m trying to create is they don’t look identical , and I cannot figure out why.

Ah right, on master pages you can’t do that - but you can copy all the frames on the e.g. left page of the pair to the right page.

With Frames selected in the toolbox on the left, you can select individual frames and use the values in the Properties panel at the bottom to match their widths/heights etc.

thanks - yes that’s what I’m doing. It keeps crashing so it’s taking a long time!

Sorry to hear that, that doesn’t sound usual - do you have any crash logs? Someone else from the team might be able to investigate.

I don’t yet - it’s hanging rather than crashes - I have to force quite every few mins - it only started when I began working on the index page this morning.

If you’re experiencing regular crashes, make sure you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. If you’re experiencing hangs, on the other hand, please run Activity Monitor (assuming you’re on Mac), select the Dorico process, open the cog menu and choose Sample Process to create a log of what the application is doing; zip that up and attach it here.