Note frames - staff sizes

I watched this video How to Use Flow and Player Frame Filters to Create an Index Page about creating index with first bars of music, which is a terrific idea so I thought I’d try it.

but one issue is that not all my flows have the same staff sizes - so I thought I’d try and edit these in this index page to make them all fit and be consistent.

Trouble is that when I adjust staff size in the index page thumbnail it also changes the staff sizes in the actual piece.
Is there a way of making this independent?

I recommend using separate flows for your incipits. You can then omit those extraneous flows from the MA master frame chain.

You needn’t separate them, though. You just need to put a system break at the start of each one, then set its Space Size property to whatever you want. This method is frame-chain specific, whereas the right-click/Edit > Staff Size method isn’t.

Definitely, I just prefer the flexibility of separate flows.

Thanks - as far as I can see that does allow me to make things fit but doesn’t actually change the staff size. Is that correct?
It will certainly do for my purposes though…

NB: I notice that I’m getting a lot of crashing whilst doing these operations, which wasn’t happening before…
[crashes isn’t accurate - I’m getting the beachball and process not responding]

The space size property defines the space between any two lines of a five line staff. It definitely should be changing the staff size!

So I take it to mean that I drag the corners of the box I’ve created to make it bigger or smaller and the (in cthis case) grand staff moves apart and creates greater space - but the actual staff spacing in each clef is not changing - I think I must be misunderstanding the space size property…?

I think we’re at cross purposes here. I’m not talking about the space between two staves; I’m talking about the space between two lines of a single stave. So for a 7mm staff, that would be a 1.75mm space size (there are four spaces between the five lines of the stave). The space size, in general, is determined in Layout Options > Page Setup, but it can be overridden from any System Break or Frame Break using the Break’s Space Size property.

In which case that’s exactly what I wish to do - but how do I over-ride the space size in the setup?
I did create a system break at the beginning as you’d suggested but I don’t think it’s having any effect as such.

Make a Break.
Select the break, so it’s highlighted deep purple rather than light purple.
Go to the properties panel.
Find the Space size property.
Turn on its switch
Type into the box to the right of the switch.
Hit Tab or Enter to confirm.

Tried my best with that but not seeing the staff size change - I’m probbaly doing it wrong - but here is a screenshot of the section in the props panel I’m adjusting…

Engrave mode :wink:

If I say Space Size property, I don’t mean “Scale”, I mean “Space Size”.

…and if I give a list of instructions for which the first one is dependent on being in a specific mode, and I don’t then say to switch modes, don’t switch modes :wink:

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Yes indeed - it was engrave mode I wasn’t in…! Thanks
It works now

Is there a way to remove the inst. part names in this context? Without losing them in the actaul score?

System Breaks and Frame Breaks also have a Staff Labels property. Turn it on and set to None.


Also on this subject - is there a way of creating lines on a contents / index page?

All the references I can find are for creating lines within the music.

Outside of the music, you can load images of lines into graphics frames or use a text frame with basically no height/width (making a flat frame, essentially) and give it a border to create a “straight line”.

Thanks I’m trying the second method there - but do I have to create every single one separately - is there no copy/paste type function for these type of items?