Note graphically shifts horizontally when several players

note graphically shifts horizontally as soon as I use a layout with several players
Layout with the player solo: OK

But with layout and another player, the note shifts horizontally to the right:

I put a file with minimum to test:
note_shift.dorico (834.5 KB)

The shifting is probably as a result of the note being in voice 2.
If you want a notehead that stays attached to the right-hand side of the stem, try this:
In Write mode, select the uppermost note in the chord (C), press shift-I and enter 2 in the popover to add an interval of a second, then move it down a step using alt-down arrow. That creates a unison with a notehead on each side of the stem.

Just do shift-I, 1.

I tried that, but for some unknown reason it didn’t work.

I had tried it initially in Dorico 3.5.12 and it didn’t work. However, in Dorico 4.1 it does work.

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great: faster and better method . Thanks to both! and fantastic forum

Does the TAB fingering stay the same ie correct?

Yes it’s perfect in TAb and I can if I want change the string number in engrave mode
Edit: in addition my chord was wrong in my exemple! Final look:

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