Note Grouping for small sections of a piece

This screenshot shows a bar in 3/4 but the top line continues in dotted crochets.
Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 11.14.01

I’m looking for an option to group them so they show two dotted crochets, not the second half split and tied as it is -

But I don’t want the entire piece to group the notes like this. Just about a ten bar section.

(Contextually this is because this is a medley with a click track in crochets, and the meter is changing every 30 seconds or so.)

Use force duration when you enter the second notes… Now that they are entered, select them, press 5, o, 6 dot.

Or input a 6/8 time signature just for the top staff (as described in the last step), and hide it. Reinstate the 3/4 at the end of the section.

Thanks - couldns’t quite get those exact keystrokes to work but I see that if I press o to force the first one and then repeat it gives me what I want.

Is it possible to force the rests to be dotted crochet too in a similar way?

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 12.13.15

… done it!! Just deselected the forced duration, added the correct length and put it back…

I really would recommend using the single-staff time signature method of handling the meter, a 6/8 time signature shows dotted crotchet rests automatically. Once you’ve input one, hidden it, and it’s appearing as a signpost, it’s really easy to copy it to other positions where you have the same metric shifts.

Hi Lillie,
I would have done that next, but this method works and it’s just a smallish section - copy/pasting these elements will be just as easy