note grouping in 6/8

I am writing a piece in 6/8.

When I have three quarter notes in a measure, I want to show them as three quarter notes, not a quarter note followed by tied eighth notes, then a quarter (like in bar 103). I am trying the Note Grouping setting in Notation Option but I could not figure out how to do that. Could you help me, please? Thanks!

Dear Penguin,
Welcome to the forum!
This is actually the “correct” notation according to Gould’s Behind Bars. Of course, it’s totally possible to modify it, but not with Notation Options, as you’ve already discovered.
You can very easily achieve the notation you want locally, using force duration (o key, it’s a clamp tool on the left panel), either before input or after input. Since it’s already notated, select the note, press 5, o, 6 and you’re done. If you had not inputted it yet, simply press o before creating the note (to force duration to quarter), then don’t forget to disable force duration after that note if you want Dorico to “manage” note durations for you — it’s always good to benefit from Dorico’s internal rules to keep consistency, except in those rare occasions.
Hope this helps!

Dear MarcLarcher,
Thank you for your help and warm welcome.
I know that is the “correct” notation but my composer wants them as three quarters. (I am his orchestrator.) So it is nice to know there is a way to do that!
By the way, I had been using Sibelius for over 20 years. Normally I only do scores and my copyist does parts but the current production requires me to do the parts as well. It takes forever to prepare orchestral parts for 30 cues in Sibelius and my friends has recommended Dorico.
This is my second day as Dorico user and all the formatting for parts are done! I love that entire show of 30 cues exist in just one file and that I don’t need to setup or format at all when I move on to the next cue! And Dorico is very easy to learn. I don’t read manuals but I can figure out pretty much everything… well, except the quarter note in 6/8.

Thanks a lot!

Yes. Use Force Duration. Marc’s already told you how to do that :wink:

Welcome to the forum, penguin. I’m delighted to hear that you’ve found the production of parts in Dorico to be very fast – this is what we’re always aiming for. I hope this is the first of many such projects in Dorico for you in the future.