Note grouping in voices that have identical note values

This is a default project;

Why are 1st and 2nd voices on 2nd beat in bar 2 different? TIA.
Untitled Project 1.dorico (526.7 KB)

Because of the eighth notes in part one. (Yes, they account for the tied notes too.)

Huh? :thinking: I don’t get it.


Well two tied crotchets is different in music notation to a minim, although the duration may be the same.

Yes, I think the 2nd voice’s pattern of quarter-half-quarter in the first half of the bar triggers Dorico to recognise that voice as having a short-long-short syncopation pattern, but the first voice doesn’t have the same pattern because after the half note there are eighths rather than another quarter.

Is this a new rule?

In the old score, it looks like

Is there a setting in Dorico to turn the default rule off?

Obviously, in that instance, both notes should be the same; and Dorico’s ‘rule’ doesn’t get it right for every example.

You can define how notes are grouped in Notation Options. If/where those don’'t cover what you need, then just select the tied note, and press O 5 6. (That’s letter O.) Oh, and make sure Insert mode is OFF.

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I guess you mean O+5+7.

Oops. Yes: any smaller duration, followed by the duration you want. So, could be 6, then 7…!!