Note grouping issue

Heya, i’m arranging this piece at the moment and i’m having a problem figuring out how to make it so the last three quavers here are notated as, well, quavers instead of the weird tied semiquavers in the middle note there. I understand there are rules with note grouping across the half bar except its not across the half bar in this case.

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 19.40.26

I’ve tinkered with the note spacing settings and nothings worked so far. For context this is in 12/16 time but im not sure if that has anything to do with it

Hope somebody knows what to do (first time using this forum so sorry if there are any rules i don’t know about yet)

Welcome to the forum, @Saowiks.

The key would be to use Force Duration before entering the three eighths hemiola.
Just make sure then to turn it off to take advantage of Dorico’s default spacing algorithms.



I’m guessing these are all triplet semiquavers, which is why Dorico notated them like this.
The solution is simple. Select the tied note, cut the tie (U), force duration (O) and change the notated duration to quaver (5).

[edit: gazumped by @Derrek !]

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Ah perfect! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I would use force duration only in places where you want to obtain something different/special. Instead I would opt for the beam grouping option in the popover. So if in other bars you have the same beam grouping you can just apply the same time signature (with the square brackets as in the example) or just copy paste it.
You can also create an additive time signature and then deactivate numerator style in properties.

Dorico also saves different beam grouping time signatures in the Used in this flow little window at the top of Time signature Panel, so you can just click on them and applies very easily to desired bars (or with alt pressed if you want them just in a system). EDIT this last paragraph only seems to apply to the Common time signatures…

I send a picture of a possible grouping and a dorico file with the same example.

beam grouping popover.dorico (430.7 KB)

Here a couple other examples (Dorico file and picture), you may want to beam the 16 then together and split the secondary beam on the 4th note:
beam grouping additive time signatures examples.dorico (504.9 KB)

That is the key then, isn’t it?

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Yes, indeed Derrek. I think you are questioning if it is faster/more convenient to use force duration or the beaming groups in popover/additive time signatures.? It is an interesting point.

Personally I find force duration to be quicker, and I use alt-click / lock duration to copy and repitch such forced phrases if the pattern recurs.