Note grouping?

Hi all,

I have found the setting to get 8+4+8 like in the second bar, but the first bar notates the 4 like two 8s with a tie. Is there a setting to automatically get 16+16+4+8 in the first bar or do I have to resort to forcing duration?

note grouping.PNG

I get what you want by default with the following settings in Notations Options:

Eighth notes in quarter note denominator time signatiure: “Brek beams at the beat boundaries”
Beaming eighth note together in quarter note … “Only when the group fills the entire bar”

Eighths notes in simple time signatures with half-bar: “Break beams at beat boundaries”


thanks, but that does not work for me. See new example: I want the first line to be notated like the second automatically. Your settings did not change anything. (In the second I have forced duration of the g’.)


I don’t think you’ll be able to achieve this automatically, because Dorico will never let you cross that quarter boundary in 4/4 or common time with a single note unless it’s a specific match for a particular syncopation that it is looking for, like short-long-short (8th-quarter-8th). It doesn’t allow you to substitute e.g. two 16ths for the 8th in that short-long-short pattern.

Ok, thanks. Force duration it will be.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question.


Forcing duration inputting from scratch is no big deal to me. One thing that would be very practical in this context of already input music though would be to be able to select the quarter notated as two eights with a tie, press O to force duration, hit shortcut for quarter, done. If I have to change things like this in an imported file for instance I must reinput as things are now.

But I do believe this has been discussed before.