Note groupings in alternating time signatures

How do I get Dorico to make M6 the default behavior so I don’t have to Force Duration throughout? Time sigs are 3/4 + 8/4. Right now, the default is M8 but I prefer how the notes are tied in M6. Thank you!

Enter [4+4]/4 when specifying the 8/4 time signature - you can use divisions within square brackets to specify beat groupings within time signatures without the time signature appearing as that.

Brilliant! Thanks so much Lillie!

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One more thing @Lillie_Harris (as I could not find the answer after searching this forum and Googling). Is there a way to not use double whole notes and use two whole notes tied together as the default rather than using Force Duration every time? I used FD in bar 2 as I do not like the double whole note in bar 4. Thank you again.

I suppose you could assign to the second bar a time signature of 2/1… that might work. Then hide it, and copy that signpost to other bars.

I’m not at my computer and haven’t tried it.

I don’t think that will work, unfortunately. I think you might need to use force duration - but once you’ve done it once, copy that pair of tied notes and repitch if that’s easier (you can also use Lock to Duration to repitch a bunch of notes without changing their durations).

Got it and thanks Lillie and Dan. I would prefer a Global preference never to use double whole notes actually. But truth be told, this is the first time I have written something in 8/4 and probably will rarely use them.