note head in parenthesis?

please have a look into this example:

I would like to put the last low note into parenthesis.
How is the procedure? I use Dorico 2 Elements.

Is that possible in Elements? The two common methods are using the notehead editor or using the playing techniques editor. You either create a new notehead set or create a new playing technique. I’m looking at the edition comparison page ( and it would seem like those are not customizable in Elements…

Is the purpose of the parentheses in this case to indicate that if the low note is reachable, it should be sung/played? If so, you could scale that note to cue size, which is generally taken to mean the same thing. That’s the best I’ve got.

I think Elements allows access to the Notehead Set Editor - it certainly appears in the Dorico Elements online manual.

No, I don’t think it’s included in Elements because it’s found in the Engrave menu, which is not included in Elements.

In that case, is this a mistake?

And this?

And also this?

I will check this tomorrow.
I am on the road for a month, using Dorico Elements on my MacBook Pro, that is why I can’t access the Engrave menu… and why I can’t move Shift-X text elements.

k_b, I suspect a bunch of stuff has inadvertently been left in the Elements manual. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

The comparison page says Elements has “30 preset notehead sets” and Pro has “30 presets, fully customizable”.

The presets in Pro do NOT include any parenthesized noteheads. In a previous thread here, Daniel has said that trying to create a notehead set with parentheses is not going to be generally useful in any case, because it won’t be able to handle things like a parenthesized note with an accidental, or parenthesized notes on either side of the stem in a chord where the parentheses would have to be moved to avoid colliding with other note heads in the chord.

ok, I understand. I just had hoped, this rather simple task could be done some way even in Elements. Strange, that simple text objects can not be shifted/moved/adjusted. Just for cases like this…
This arises a further question: if I sent my .dorico file to a Pro user (who shifts my shift-x text object to the right place): would this adjustment stick, when I re-opened the file in Elements?

It’s probably not much consolation, but I’ve seen exactly the same sort of grumbles on the Sibelius and Finale forums about “simple” things that the entry-level versions can’t do. Wherever the line between the versions was drawn, somebody would be only an inch (or a millimeter) on the wrong side of it!

To answer to your #10 question, I think the answer would be “yes”. But you would have no control over it.

Yes, but the entire file would be read-only. This happens every time you open a file in Elements that has Pro-only modifications, like divisi or such.

No, that’s not quite right: a file that contains Pro-only features can still be opened and edited in Elements, provided it doesn’t exceed the maximum number of players allowed for editing (i.e. 12 in the case of Dorico Elements).

Hmm, I’m quite sure I tried this back when I purchased a second (Elements) license. I’m almost positive a divisi-containing project opened in Elements as read-only. Am I misremembering? I no longer have a way to confirm this. That was a sticking point for me, and caused me to need a Pro license for my secondary machine instead of Elements.

You are indeed misremembering. You can open any project in Elements, even one that uses features only found in Dorico Pro. It will open read-only if it has more than 12 players, but otherwise it will open and allow you to edit it with no issues.

Ok. Well, I appreciate that clarification for future collaborations. Thanks.

For clarification: I love the Elements version and do like the time when I am “restricted” to use it. There is some real beauty in the fact, that one can just write down the music and get an excellently engraved piece of notation. I like that I do not have to fiddle with the engraving, it keeps my concentration on the musical side of it.
And I can use a lot of different Notehead types - except one in parenthesis…

When we eventually have a proper feature to put noteheads in parentheses, I’m sure it will be available in Elements as well as Pro. As has already been said, the procedure of creating custom notehead types with parentheses baked in, or putting text objects around noteheads, is all just a workaround for the lack of a proper feature, which we will add as soon as we can.

Looking forward to having this soon!