Note input 2

I have been trying to input the following circled in red, but after the first note i don’t seem to be able to replicate what is printed in the score. This section is in 6/4 time for Viola.

Create dotted quarter notes (crotchets) then select and apply tremolos. They will convert to dotted half notes.

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It is buried deep in the manual
"If you want to input multi-note tremolos, you must select at least two notes that are in the same voice, have the same duration, and are notated using a single notehead. "

The last requirement means you may have to force durations on dotted notes to avoid a tie.

yep, thats buried.

wow. 4 hours I have been playing with this and you just solved it for me in 5 mins. How did you know how to do that. I would near had thought to do that.

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This question comes up rather a lot on this forum.

If you searched the manual and could not find this, I am sure @Lillie_Harris would be interested in the search terms you used (unsuccessfully). Such information from users helps her make the manual easier to access.


The pages describing how to input tremolos seemed like sensible and helpful places to put such a warning about any restrictions on what you should select in order to create tremolos, but I’d be happy to hear if there was somewhere else that would come more obviously to mind for either of you, @Janus and @mw72 .

For an introduction to the note durations you should input to get multi-note tremolos with the desired appearance, see here:


not sure what your implying here but as you offered no solution your comment did not help.

hi, I’m just learning the difference between a crotchet and quaver, So wouldn’t know the solution as i did not know what the problem was, but I’m learning. But the guide was helpful.

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@Derrek 's comment will not help you but everyone else who will search for this topic later. What Derrek means is this: If you have searched the manual and did not find the solution, this might mean that you were using search terms that are not covered by the manual. By providing the search terms you were using, you can help to improve the manual further.


hi, everyone who searches this topic later will also see the solution.

But should future users have to search this topic when you could help Lillie help them go directly to the manual?

We try here on this forum to help each other as much as we can, but of course, you are free to do as you think best.

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But if you don’t know the cause of the problem then you can’t use the right term to search for the solution. Which as a forum, Someone was helpful enough to provide the solution from the description.

Moving forward and to close this out. Had you provided the solution then made a point of where it could also be found is far more helpful than that which you supplied. Users on this forum have been very helpful, yours is the first that was not but of course "your free to do as you think best.

reply not needed.

I’ll reply as I’m the one that first offered your solution. The forum is for more than just resolving an issue. It’s a place for discussion and other helpful exchanges of ideas.
It seems to me that Derrick (quite reasonably) was simply attempting to help Lillie gather more information since you had no luck finding the information in your own search. Knowing how you searched might help her refine the parameters so that others that may use the same language as you might have better luck.
He expressed all this but perhaps it’s easy to misconstrue tone and intent. That’s why I find it best to give the benefit of doubt and assume good intentions.


And to clarify slightly further, the others are speaking of metadata. Each page of the manual can be called up by searching for multiple terms.

The point @Derrek was trying to make was that the terms you used when searching the manual clearly were not in the metadata, hence you didn’t find the results you were looking for. If you share the search terms that you used with Lillie, then she can add those to the metadata in the manual, so hopefully the next person who searches using language similar to yours won’t need to use the forum to ask for help, but rather will find what they are looking for directly in the manual. In other words, the manual becomes a more efficient tool. This request to share what terms you used to search is common on many posts, and @Lillie_Harris is dutiful about improving the search terms on a regular basis.

Derek is quite helpful around this forum and there’s no need to take offense. I have every confidence that @lafin is right and the benefit of the doubt should indeed be given here. (And for what it’s worth, I read Derrek’s reply as perfectly neutral.)


Looking at the comments it seems I owe an apology to @Derrek. When I first read the comment I thought you were being condescending but as others have pointed out. They did not read it as such and @lafin made a valid point “to give the benefit of doubt and assume good intentions”. Not knowing how you typically respond to others on the Forum. I have clearly read you response incorrectly and apologise for my misunderstanding.

Thanks to @lafin for the solution and @Romanos and @Estigy for there perspective.


Don’t worry about it. I’m okay. :slightly_smiling_face: