Note Input Lag

Hey folks, I’ve got an issue with some note input lag. The project is fairly large due to it being a flexible orchestration piece, but I have disabled all flows except the one I’m working on in the full score (which I’m working on note input on right now). I am in galley view and have condensing turned off, Noteperformer on. Auditioned notes play right away, but the lag on inputting notes can be 2+ seconds each note. I’m attaching the Diagnostic Report I exported a few minutes ago, but let me know if you need any other information or files.

Dorico (2.5 MB)

Looking at the most recent log, I see typical execution times of between 500ms and 1000ms for most note input operations, with a few outliers that are slower. Auditioned notes will indeed play right away because they are echoed in real time before they are “committed” to the score. It would be interesting to know whether you encounter the same kinds of performance inputting in any location in the flow, e.g. is it just as slow at the start as at the end, and is it just as slow in every instrument you try, or is it particularly slow in only certain instruments?

I haven’t found any meaningful correlation between instruments or score placement yet based on my trials., unfortunately. It doesn’t always take 2+ seconds, but it always does seem generally slower than when I was inputting notes for my earlier flow. Unfortunately that was probably several sessions ago so I can’t exactly recall how long it was taking, but it felt like it was a half-second or less.

Shifting notes with Alt + Left Arrow also takes a couple seconds each time, but that might be more CPU heavy?

We do often find that when users experience specific slowness, it can indicate something that we can specifically improve. So why not send me your project, together with some details of where to input notes to reproduce the particularly slow performance, and I can ask one of my expert colleagues to take a look when they get a chance?

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This used to happen to me, try disabling the effects on the mixer? Or decreasing the buffer size
Generally, asio4all corrects some latency issues, FlexiAsio is a good option as well.

A clean restart (a couple days later) seems to have gotten rid of most of the lag for the moment. Will update if anything changes.

And Daniel, I sent you a message just a moment ago with the file for any testing you wish to try.