Note input Number pad

Hi, I was wondering if I can change num pad note duration same as Sibelius

Yes, one can reprogram the numbers, but many find it just as easy to learn the Dorico codes. I suppose if you are constantly switching from one program to the other, reprogramming might be convenient for you; but if you are moving towards Dorico as your primary notation software, it is probably more useful to just acclimate yourself to the Dorico codes.

I know I no longer mistake the Finale codes for the Dorico numbers.

I thought that the numbers were one of the things that you couldn’t remap? Anyway, as a fellow Sibelius alum, I know what you mean… and I think all of us STRONGLY suggest that you shift into the Dorico way of doing things -

Because A) You’ll miss out on the power of the new model and B) it will be like having a fight with your closest co-worker every morning. I’ve found it more that worth it.

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