Note Input

Recently downloaded Dorico 2 and started to input some tunes ( Copied from a Music Book ) i have a bar of music which contains in 4/4 time a Crotchet- A Minim- and two Quavers, but the Minim always comes out as two tied Crotchet’s although the same value, not what i want to see. How do i rectify this ?


Check Notation Options, Note Groupings.

In particular, it’s the ‘Notes starting after the start of the bar of multiple beats in duration’ option that you might consider changing to ‘Notate as a single note’.

The other approach is to use Force Duration, which allows you to override individual notes in the case that you’re generally happy with what Dorico is doing by default, but occasionally want to change it. Read more here.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks, the Notate as a single note option worked…