Note length condition in Expression map

I am working on a piece in tempo of dotted quavers = 52. In the expression map I have defined two switches “natural lesser or equal than long” and “natural greater than long”. I have a note of 5/8 length which plays for 1.9230 seconds and therefore is more than “long”, which—according to Dorico 35. Version history—is defined as 1.5 seconds. But the expression map does not switch, it remains on “natural lesser or equal than long”. Has somebody an idea?

A few possibilities depending on how the EM has been programmed-- easiest is to say which VST you’re using and send a copy of the relevant part of the project showing where it’s happening.

I think this question should be independent from the VSt used.
But I can say you that I am working with VSL Synchron player, instrument: Viola basis.

I’ve tried to replicate your situation from the info provided with my Synchron solo strings viola. If your 5/8 note in dotted quavers looks anything like this – of course I’m only guessing as I don’t know what you wrote and or what the example note is 5/8 of – then then I can confirm it works fine with my Note Length Expression Map, switching from long detache (semi-quavers) previously to sustain.
Screenshot (26).png
It’s best if you attach the section of the project itself as I can then replicate directly what you’re doing (also have solo strings in the SE vol 1 if you’re using those). Of course you’re right that the behaviour is independent of the VST used but it’s easier to replicate if the VST is the same. Then we’re most likely looking at something in the EM.

The error has been due to a XML-import; there have been some hidden elements in the XML-file which caused the failure. After writing the flow anew everything worked well. Thank you for your help offers!

sounds familiar – there are oddities in import from, for instance Sibelius XML export, which still baffle me.