Note length conditions

I’m slightly confused about note-length conditions. I think I understand “very short”, “short”, “medium”, and “long”. E.g., if I say

Note Length > Very Short AND
Note Length <= Short

then the condition applies to notes that are between 0.1875 and 0.375 seconds long. (Correct?)

But how does one use “Very Long”? According to the documentation (Expression Maps dialog) “Very Long” just means “any longer duration” than “Long”. If that’s true, do conditions such as

Note Length > Very Long


Note Length > Long AND
Note Length <= Very Long

make sense? If so, what do they mean?

If you just want “Short” notes affected, then use “Note Length == Short” for your first case.

Id suggest that “Greater than Very Long” doesn’t make sense, as Very Long is all lengths beyond Long.