Note length determines velocity...

Hey everyone, trying to figure out a way to get Cubase to change the incoming velocity of played notes to determine the velocity of the notes. I am programming some string lines, and have to manually find shorter notes and increase the velocity in order to get them to play at the same volume as the longer notes. Thought there might be a clever way to do a logical preset or track preset for this. Any suggestions? Thanks…


(trying to think “outside the box” here :wink: )…
If you are saying that the short notes are playing too softly in relation to the longer notes, that suggests to me that there is a slow attack on the notes, and therefore the short notes aren’t getting the time to reach full envelope level… therefore, not sure that increasing the velocity would be of any use. (you’d have more luck decreasing the level of the longer notes :wink: )
Now, whether lowering the velocity of those notes would lower the volume, depends upon whether or not the samples do in fact respond to velocity… if not, you’d have to try reducing CC#11 or CC#7 (but that would also change the level of any other notes that were playing on the same MIDI channel at the same time).

If the preset does respond to velocity, you could try the following in the Logical Editor (i.e. cannot do this in realtime, while actually playing/recording)…

Logical Editor
Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Length___Bigger___[set the threshold length here in Parameter 1]

Lower Section…
Value 2___Subtract___[set the amount of velocity reduction in Parameter 1]

Function = “Transform”

Agree with vic_france. I think, this is problem of the exact sound. Try to choose different sound, for example percusive. Try to use Piano, for example, you will here, if there is difference. If there isn’t, try to change the settings of your strig sound – make Attack shorter.

To be absolutely sure, try to set all your Velocities to the same level. This is in the MIDI > Functions.

Thanks for the tips! It is indeed a slow attack of the legato string samples I am using, but increasing the velocity (along with writing mod and expression later) helps keep the part sounding natural. I ended up creating a macro with the logical editor.

Length = 16th or less

Length_Less or equal_

Value2_Set random Values between_ 105_110

Length = 8th note

Length_Inside Range_0.00.02.000_0.01.00.000_PPQ

Value2_Set random Values between_ 95_100
Added another preset for 1/4 and 1/2 notes and after a little tweaking it works great. Used the inside range setting just to keep things as humanized as possible. Compress and expand velocity depending on tempo, etc. Exp and Mod rides much more manageable now. I was trying to get the input transformer to do it, but no luck there. It would be great if the velocities automatically adjusted while I am editing the part, but the macro works just fine.