Note Letter Names Above Staff?

I haven’t used Dorico in so long because of Covid that I can’t remember some simple things. How do I add note letter names above the staff for one voice (one staff)? One of our singers can’t read music, and adding note letter names to noteheads doesn’t work for her.

I would suggest using Lyrics. Select the first note, Shift-L, and Shift-up arrow to input them above the staff.

You can still input “real” lyrics below the staff as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I could swear that I used to be able to do this as an automatic thing where I could select a staff from beginning to end and do something that would automatically put the note letter name for all the notes for that voice above each note. I didn’t need to write in each one. Now the only function I can see that does that is putting note letters inside noteheads, which is not easy enough to read.

I definitely know I used to be able to do this with Sibelius. Still, I like Dorico much better.

Dorico doesn’t yet have this function automatically.

Oh, wow - thanks for letting me know! I was going nuts trying to remember how I did something I never actually did with Dorico. I’ll have to bite the bullet and put them in manually with the lyrics function.