Note name display in key editor

In our sister Cubase, you can see the note name on the bar representing the note. This is very useful. So far in Dorico 4.0.30 I don’t see this. Is it an option, and if not could it be a feature request?

I find that so much easier than having to refer to the keyboard to figure out the note. And isn’t Dorico supposed to be moving closer to Cubase over time(hopefully!)?


This is not related to your post, but you really should update to 4.0.31. (4.0.30 lasted 24hours)
And I agree it could be useful.

Slip of the keyboard. I am on 4.0.31.

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Yes, we would like to add this at some point. I agree it would definitely be helpful.


Unfortunately this feature is not included in Dorico’s latest version 4.3. Maybe in the next one?
I do have to say, v4.3 is absolutely spectacular! Thank you so much

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It’s certainly still on our backlog as something we would like to add.

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