Note Off Issue

Hi All,

I’ve encountered a new MIDI issue that I cannot figure out and am asking for help!

Whenever I play a C4 on my Komplete S49 Mkii, the Note Off doesn’t show up inside of Cubase. The note hangs. No other key is affected.

When I hit the keyboard’s octave offset, the problem occurs at the new C4 position, so it’s not a physical switch problem.

Here’s what the Midi Monitor looks like. The Note Off event is missing in action.
What I’ve tried:

  1. When I check the keyboard output with Midi-Ox or play the keyboard with the standalone Komplete Kontrol app, there is no problem – the Note Off is there.

  2. When I play the same keyboard and plugin theough Reaper, there is no problem.

  3. A cheapie Akai keyboard just sends out zeros for the release velocity and all notes work fine. Nothing hangs.

  4. Did a Cubase 10.5.20 update.(June 6)

I’m thinking there is a MIDI filter somewhere that I can’t find.

Thanks all.

Cubase 10.5.12 to 10.5.20
Win 10 PC
Komplete via USB

Answer from Steinberg support:

You can permanently clear the preference files in safe mode which I believe is connected with the problem or follow these instructions (Recommended over safe mode, since safe mode deletes the preference files)

Here is the link with instructions for troubleshooting: Go to the section on initializing preferences:



Note: This removes all of your configuration settings, but you can add your old presets,etc. back to the new config. This is helpful: