Note on to control arranger events

in the remote legacy system I was able to set up note on commands to control arranger events, I cant find the same options in the new remote tab lower zone or remote mapping assistant
anyone have any knowledge in this area…


Isn’t it in the Key Commands section of the MIDI Remote?

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If I understand correctly, they are here:

yes those are the commands, but nothing in the new remote tab in the lower zone allows me to set up note on triggers, I was able to do it in the legacy system that Cubase is phasing out, but no luck so far in the new remote tab of the lower zone

You first have to add your keys as controls onto your surface. Don’t know what controller you’re using, but if you have assigned a “DAW” MIDI port, then chances are you need a separate MIDI Remote using the “normal” port of your keyboard, so that you can design another surface based on its keys.

mc have you ever been able to successfully create or use note on commands in the remote tab of the lower zone?

Sure. Which is your keyboard?

the nektar Impact LX88

OK, the Impact has two MIDI ports, one is for its DAW integration (MIDIIN2) and the other one (ImpactLX88+) is for performance. Now, you can use the latter one to create a MIDI Remote Surface, by adding for example buttons assigned to notes.

hi mc
yes I am aware of that, and have for a long time had a panel created with my LX…
in that panel I have created knobs and sliders and buttons, ect ect… I have not been able to create keys from the keyboard that trigger remote functions, this is what I am now trying to achieve, what keyboard do you have and can you press a key on your keyboard, say C4 and trigger a remote function and if so , what function is that?

Not sure I understand the reason for this.
Since you have your midi port already assigned to a surface (NOT the MIDIIN2 port) you can simply press each key of your keybed you want to assign later to a key command. The assistant will automatically recognize it and add it to your surface.
Here’s an example of two buttons set to notes on a controller of mine:

First you select the type of control you want (button is a good idea) and then begin to trigger the notes you want. For example, here’s how my first button is recognized:

hi mc
here is an example from the legacy remote options that are being discontinued, notice in the address column the notes 72 74 76 77 are controlling arranger events in the bottom area, this allows me to press keys 72 74 76 77 on my midi keyboard and change arranger events in real time as the project plays, so far I have not been able to replicate this in the newer lower zone remote options.

Perhaps the legacy remote consumes the events, and they are not recognized by the new midi remote. Try to set the legacy remote midi input to none temporarily and then check how it goes.

hi mc
yes I have tried that as well
the new remote isnt offering me any of the same options, so it looks to me like its legacy or nothing for this… it would seem like the pad option in the new remote would be a possible option, but that has not worked either


Also Track/VST Quick Control could consume the given MIDI CCs.