Note Performer 3.3

I’ve just installed the new Note Performer 3.3 update and find that there is no graphic display on the Note Performer interface. The sounds are there but no display whatever. I’m using Dorico 3 with Macos High Sierra

I take it you restarted the computer after installing. That may have no affect at all, but it is generally a good practice that sorts many problems out on its own.

I find (in Windows 10) that if the NotePerformer Mixer does not show up automatically, clicking on the stylized “e” in the right column of the Play window (and then, if necessary, clicking the cogwheel in the task menu) brings up the populated NotePerformer Mixer.

Thanks. Yes, I have rebooted the program several times, and the computer restart and switch off and switch on. No difference whatever. There is still no GUI for Note performer, only a black screen.

The cog wheel which you mentioned shows the assigned instruments OK, but the mixer is completely blank

I have not yet tried installing NP on my Mac, so I cannot yet speak to that experience.

Works fine here on Mojave on several computers.


Works fine on Catalina.

Works fine on OSX and Mojave. I’ve run a couple of old files through the new version and the instrument mix is audibly different. I’ll need to reset things hut I’m sure the new mix will end up sounding better.

As ever, many thanks to Arne and the Dorico team for working together to make improvements for us.

They’ve ported the graphics engine across from OpenGL to Metal but the version history says it should work on High Sierra if NP Is in 64-bit mode.

Maybe if you have an old Mac with a graphic card that doesn’t support Metal? Like a 2010 Mac Pro.


That’s exactly right, Jesper. I have a mid-2010 Mac Pro running High Sierra (10.13.6), and it has an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card in it, which is NOT metal compatible. I’m seeing the same thing the OP saw – the NotePerformer mixer window is totally black.

I just ordered a Radeon RX 580 graphics card upgrade from OWC ( Hopefully that will solve the problem. This card lacks a Mac boot ROM, so you can’t see the Apple logo while the computer boots up, and you can’t access any boot options. But I don’t think that will be a problem. I’ll report back here after installing the new card when it arrives in a few days.

I can confirm that for my iMac and Macbook from 2011 with macOS HighSierra.
Logic Pro X works so far, but, as an example, some editing panels in Logics DrumDesigner disappeared due to the lack of support for Metal.

This is from the Note Performer 3.3 Version History:

Ported graphics engine from OpenGL to Metal (macOS only)
This change is only applicable to NotePerformer in Finale and Dorico, where NotePerformer uses its own mixer interface.
OpenGL is a standard cross-platform interface for drawing computer graphics, which is used for drawing the interface of many high-performance applications, including NotePerformer. Because Apple deprecated OpenGL with Catalina, the underlying graphics engine have been ported to Metal, Apple’s more recent API for drawing high-performance graphics.
This change is invisible to the user. NotePerformer will automatically determine the most appropriate graphics engine at runtime, and the looks of the interface should be identical. The Metal engine is used when running NotePerformer, in 64-bit mode only, on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher.

I can confirm that I am running a mid 2010 iMac with ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB. That sounds like my problem!

I suggest you get in touch with Arne to let him know about this problem.

I have raised a support request at Wallander website regarding this issue. I image there must be quite a few people who do not want an expensive computer upgrade in order to keep up with Note Performer

This is the reply I had from Arne Wallander this morning. This should be encouraging for all those with this problem

“We’ve had a few people reporting this. What we’re likely going to do
is change it so that only Catalina or higher uses the Metal driver.
It’s an easy fix, but we need to wait a little while for things to
settle with the original update. Meanwhile, if you want us to, we can
send you version 3.2 for downgrading.”

Reporting back as promised. I installed the new GPU a couple of days ago and quickly discovered that the new card does not have a Mini DisplayPort connector (just HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI), so I had to order a male DisplayPort to female Mini DisplayPort cable in order to connect my Apple Cinema Display to the new card. That cable arrived today.

I can report that the new Metal-compatible card solves the problem of the NotePerformer mixer window being totally black. However, since Arne will be releasing an update soon that only uses the Metal driver with Catalina or higher, it’s not really necessary to upgrade the GPU if you’re willing to wait a little while. On the other hand, the mid-2010 Mac Pro can’t be upgraded to Mojave without a Metal-compatible GPU, so if you want to upgrade to Mojave you’ll have to upgrade the GPU first.

This issue has been fixed in the recent v3.3.1 update of Note Performer. Thank you so much for your great support, Arne!