Note Performer 4: Using Playing/Playback Technique for Organ Stop Change

Hi everyone

I’m new to Note Performer and I’m trying to find a way to change the stops of the Church Organ shipped with NP through a Playing/Playback Technique.

Following this page, I e.g. want to send CC 103, value 64 to only have the Octave 2" playing and CC 103, value 0 to have the Full Organ.

So I created both a new Playing and Playback Technique as you can see in the following screen:

Now, as far as I’ve understood from other posts, I then edit the NotePerformer Expression Map and add a new expression to which I add the CC on channel 103:

I would then expect it to behave as written:


What actually happens:

  • The Full Organ is properly used for bar 41.
  • In bar 42, the Octave 2" is used.
  • But from bar 43, the Octave 2" is still used.

If I use another CC value for the Full Organ, bar 41 plays the sound I would expect (so it has nothing to do with value 0), but I don’t understand why there is no change from bar 42 to bar 43. Any help is appreciated.

You need to add the Organ stop techniques to the Expression Map as Add-On switches, not Base, otherwise it messes up the rest of the NP playback.

@Janus Thanks for this hint. I didn’t know and changed this, however it did not fix my problem - not sure if it was supposed to?

It is difficult to diagnose a problem like this from just a written description and some images. Would you be willing to upload a cut-down version of your project so others can see exactly what you’re doing and hopefully resolve the problem?

put the registrations in a MUTUAL EXCLUSION group… see attached e.g. :
organregNP.dorico (481.6 KB)

Thanks @johnkprice for the willingness to look at my file. Will post it right away in the future.

@fratveno Thanks, that did the trick! For anyone else stumbling across this problem, this is how it is done: