Note Performer Issues

Is there a way to load another Note Performer instrument after having loaded one from another library. At present I cannot do this without resetting the template to Note Performer in the Play Menu. That will then discard all the other libraries immediately. This means that I have to commit myself to select all the Note performer instruments I need in a project first, before selecting any others, because I cannot then add another Note Performer Instrument

I’m afraid you have perfectly understood how it does work !

Yep. Any chance Note Performer can be used more interchangeably in the near future? :slight_smile:

Currently Dorico’s sound allocation works on the basis of being fully automatic or fully manual. The Playback Templates can assign all the sounds automatically for Halion Sonic SE or NotePerformer, but you can’t mix and match. We do intend in the future to give more control over playback templates, to make this sort of thing possible.

Thanks Paul. That’s good to hear

This is really unnecessary to add, but I’ll add it anyways: I’m waiting for full integration with Iconica. Plug and play, no fiddling with expression maps. The day that happens, I’m getting it!

It IS interesting, thought (as MJHealey stated) that you CAN start by using Note Performer as default, and then add additional non-Note Performer instruments provided you don’t try and subsequently add an additional Note Performer instrument afterwards (which DOESN’T work)…So I do look forward to being able to go back and forth without having to plan things out from the start as to whether I wish to use non-Note Performer instruments…

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Is there a way to assign the Chord Track to an instrument while using Note Performer?

Yes, if the instrument you wish to play the chords does not already exist in Setup, add it. You need not give it any notes to play.
Then activate the chord track and assign it to the NotePerformer MIDI channel that holds the instrument you wish to play your chords.

Thanks Derek. I’m kicking myself - I should have been able to work that one out!

Much appreciated.