note performer , processor et dorico 3

hello, for a few days, and it’s new, I have problems, playing with note performer and dorico 3. Lecture blocks very often and there is a lot of crackling noise.
on the activity monitor the processor goes up very quickly to 150% on projects with only four voices.
If i read the same project on Dorico 2, everything works fine. And until a few days all was well with Dorico 3 also.
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you for your help.

in fact the problem is not only with note performer, but if I use Waves Grand Rhapsody piano it is the same problem-Cpu 150%. So i’m back to dorico 2 for working but do you think I need to reinstall Dorico 3?

You might need to go to Edit > Device Setup and increase your buffer size slightly.