Note Performer takes over as Piano VST

When I apply the following Playback Template, Note Performer is the VST for the Piano. I’d like to use PianoTeq 8. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong here, or where else to check?

The bass and drum VST work as expected.

On the face of it, this looks OK. Perhaps the problem is that your Pianoteq 8 endpoint configuration isn’t explicitly tied to a piano instrument? When you first instantiated Pianoteq in order to make your endpoint configuration, did you ensure you connected the endpoint to a piano instrument in your project in the Endpoint Setup dialog?


I think you got it in one, Daniel.

I re-edited the Playback Template, and in the “Endpoint Configurations…” dialog, I reselected the “PianoTeq 8” Endpoint Configuration, after making sure it was assigned to “Piano (Single player)”. Now it’s working as expected.

I’ve had limited experience creating my own Playback Templates, and this was a step I was unclear on.