Note Performer: Trial version breaks Dorico after one hour

Hi, folks.

As you may know, Note Performer’s trial version stops working after an hour, and one has to restart the host application in order to get a new one hour session.
Now, I am perfectly happy with this solution - it gives me enough time to play around, and restarting Dorico after an hour really is no big thing.

Or at least it should be. Because saving after having reached this one hour mark does not work. I guess this is the result of Dorico asking the audio engine for its current state to be saved, with the NP engine not responding any more at this time.

Is there any solution to this? Right now I’m sitting in front of Dorico, it’s not responding at all and I’ll use the Windows task manager to close it, losing all recent changes.

Thanks for any help, Esti

Dorico (4.0 MB)

I’m attaching a Diagnostics Report here that has been created right after shutting down Dorico as well as NP and restarting Dorico.

Have you tried changing the Playback Template?

Dorico as well as NP were completely unresponsive at this point. No chance of changing anything.
(And this did happen not only once.)

You can rent NP by the month, and when your total rentals add up to the purchase price, you will own it outright.