note played on midi keyboard acts like "undo" button

What is this? When I play the note E4 on my midi keyboard, whatever action I performed last in Nuendo gets undone. If I added a track, it disappears. If I recorded audio, it disappears. If I cut audio, that cut disappears. Etc.

So, this midi key is undoing the last action, and repeatedly pressing it keeps undoing further actions.

What the heck? Needless to say, it makes recording midi by keyboard impossible - unless I skip this note.

I’m using a Yamaha P80 electronic piano for the controller. I switched from sending signal out on channel one to channel six, and the problem is solved. But that doesn’t answer the question why my Yamaha was sending such strange instructions to Nuendo.

Not only was E4 a virtual “undo” button, but other notes would cause certain channels to be selected. Can anyone shed some light on this?

It seems as you have a remote control device activated which your aren’t aware of.

I have a Frontier Tranzport that’s not active. It’s still on the system, but not set for any midi channels. Same for the quick controls - not connected to any incoming midi.

It must be my keyboard, I guess, that’s sending signals to Nuendo that are being taken as instructions. I won’t pretend to understand it.