Note release things


Just used a sustain pedal on my keyboard for the first time in ages. In the key editor it’s showing the sustain data fine, but it’s also added ‘trails’ after the notes that I can’t recall ever seeing before (I’ve come back to Cubase after a long time away) :confused: These turn out to be related to the ‘Release length’ parameter which I can change in the note inspector bar.

The funny thing is that these don’t seem to have any effect anyway, the notes sound the same (at least for my chosen piano sound).

Why would using the sustain pedal add these as well as the normal sustain controller data? Although they don’t seem to have any effect It’d be nice to know what’s going on, and also I’d like to know to get rid of them as they clutter things up a bit.

Searching the internet has lead to no info whatsoever.

Cheers :cry:

I can’t say for certain (I can’t check the manual) but I THINK these are related to the VST Expression feature that arrived with C6. It allows you to continue to apply expression to the note after it has been released while it decays. Please check the manual under VST Expression before betting on my memory.

Cheers - a quick click of ‘Show Note Expression Data’ has hidden them. :slight_smile: