Note repeat recording GA 4.2

When I record for example a snare drum whilst holding the trigger key for note repeat, the cubase Project window only records only 2 note, the snare drum note and the trigger key. Is there a way to just record the end-result directly into the cubase Project window?

My current work around is to re-record the midi-data.

Advanced Note Repeat will not work for me ad all.

There is some helpfull information in the pdf-file with the release notes of the Groove Agent 4.2 regarding recording and note repeat.

Make sure that you have the correct MIDI input assigned to the track. You do not want it to have the Groove agent MIDI input ports selected but rather the input where your MIDI or drum controller is connected. Also make sure that you hit both the MIDI note of the sample you want to trigger in addition to the MIDI note assigned to the note repeat function.

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Thats pretty much what the OP has said he’s done isn’t it though Greg…? He said he’s got his two notes recorded - the snare and the trigger… If he’d got GA4 assigned as his MIDI inputs, nothing would have been recorded surely… But then, how would GA4 get the the run of note repeats recorded into a track (he said, re-asking the OP’s question…)…?

Though, I don’t know what I’m talking about - I haven’t got any of this going either. I accept I’m doing something wrong, but boy oh boy, this is one frustrating bit of kit to work and have fun with - for one reason or another.

Yes, good as they are, I have watched your 1 - 4 video tutorials in-depth at Club Cubase; but I still run into gotchas, where things don’t follow like on screen… It shouldn’t be like this.

Up !!
Im very interested by recording the midi repeated note instead of the trigger note…A loss of time !

Thanks you if you have the solution !

  • Create an Instrument track with Groove Agent (Track1)
  • Create a MIDI track routed to Groove Agent Main (Track 2)
  • set the MIDI input routing of Track1 to your MIDI device, of Track 2 to “01 Groove Agent Kit 1”
  • select Track 1 and disable “Record Enable” and enable Monitor
  • click on “Record Enable” for Track 2
    should look like this =
    Repeated notes will now be recorded on Track 2!
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