Note silent in write mode but sounds in play mode

I’m getting a problem where a single note does not sound in write mode, but if I play the same passage in play mode, it does sound.

Is this a known problem? if not, I’m happy to post a cut down project showing the problem.

using NP4.5, NPPE, BBCSO Core, MacOS 14.1,

Dorico Pro Version (May 26 2024)
Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version

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It’s not known to me at least. Definitely upload a project. Is it just that one?

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Perhaps you changed a preference?

Thanks guys, and I’ll look at that preference.

To correct my earlier post, this is a voice part and so it’s using NPPE and EW Hollywood Choirs. It might be relevant that NPPE uses a single EW patch for both soprano and alto.

Daniel, I’ve spotted 2 places so far where this happens, both with the alto part.

As you solve this, I’d be interested knowing how sending Hollywood Choirs (and WordBuilder) through NPPE works. I have always run Opus separately from NP.

I also wonder how clear the words are you find with WordBuilder; my effort often sound somewhat distant, slightly behind the beat, and mumbly in spite of different microphone settings.

Hi Derrek, I’m not using Wordbuilder, and I don’t think there’s any way to do that with NPPE in the mix.

In NPPE, a default instance of each patch is loaded and it can’t be edited.

I’ve listened to the Wordbuilder demos and at the moment I don’t think it’s good enough.

I’m hoping over the next couple of years that vocal renders get enormously much better.

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I’ve updated to NP 4.5.1 and the problem has gone. This might be due to stopping and re-starting NPPE, rather than the software update, but in any event, it’s fixed.