Note Start Offset (Playback) (Expression Maps?)

Dear Dorico Community

I’m a Dorico beginner and writing this to ask/confirm whether it’s currently not possible to automatically offset note starts negatively (or positively) (i.e. start to play notes automatically slightly earlier than notated, ideally defined in an expression map, depending on articulation)? I’ve searched through the documentation and the forum high and low and haven’t found information of how to do this.

Simple use case: play consecutive string chords using an ensemble library (e.g. Albion Tundra), where chords need to be played slightly overlapped, otherwise there’s an audible “drop” before the next chord starts, due to slow attack.



I’m aware that I can manually move note starts in the key editor, but that’s way too much manual work e.g. when sketching with ensemble patches (high strings, low strings etc.)

@dspreadbury Is this a meaningful use case for many users, and for a potential feature request? Or is something like this even planned? :slight_smile: Highly appreciate your answers and helpfulness here in the forum!

Is there an elegant workaround people are using that I might not be aware of? :innocent: (except manually adjusting note starts). I could lengthen the previous notes which EMs support… but that kind of leads to “too late” onset of the following chords w.r.t. other instruments.

Thanks for any thoughts on this and with kind regards

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It is indeed not currently possible, but it is definitely planned for the future. We intend to make it possible to specify on a per-switch basis in the expression map what the default note offset should be.


Dear Daniel

Thank you for your helpful feedback (especially on a Sunday…!), your stellar support and dedication to the Dorico community is really unparalleled! :star:

Thank you also for confirming this and sharing your plans for a (hopefully near-future :wink: ) implementation of negative/positive note offsets.

All the best

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