Note Values Change

Whenever I type in (via the keyboard), let’s say six quarter notes…then escape…then double click to continue inputting, I DO get a quarter note on my next input, but…the previous note is automatically changed from a quarter note to an eighth note, instead of remaining a quarter note. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? If Ben or someone would point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Essentially, the caret is placed too close to the last quarter note, on your double click. Once you see the caret, there is also a rhythmic grid above it. The resolution of that can be changed with the dropdown at the bottom left corner. Navigate the caret a bit further to the right, exactly one crotchet after the previous crotchet position, and you’ll find it won’t overwrite part of the previous note then.

The concept is a bit tricky to describe without further screenshots, play with it a bit more and please let us know if that makes sense.

Thank you, StefanF. The advice you gave me worked. For any newbie to Dorico who is reading this, I will add that to actually MOVE the caret, you will want to press the right-arrow key (NOTE: I am using the Windows version. If you have a separate arrow key pad, use that. Otherwise, use the arrow keys found on the NUM pad with the NUM LOCK turned OFF.)