Note Velocity tool modifier

Trying to read the manual. In Section MIDI Editors, page 690, reference is made to “Note Velocity tool modifier” Seems to be the only mention of such a thing, and I can’t find it. Any suggestions as to where such a thing might hide? It would seem to be a good way to change the velocity level of selected midi notes …

In the MIDI editor (double click a MIDI track), the default view shows note velocity below the piano roll. Your mouse becomes a pen tool when going there, and you can adjust directly with it. (disclaimer: unless it was changed after CB7.5)

What is missing from page 690 (or at least, not clear enough :wink: ), is that, by default, this tool is obtained by holding down the Shift+Ctrl keys (or Shift +Cmd keys on Mac) while hovering over the selected note(s), which changes the Select tool into the Speaker tool. Then drag up or down.

Now that’s a cool tip: never knew that! Thanks Vic.

25 years using Cubase and still learning! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Ditto. I suspect there are a bunch of Cubase features which only Vic knows exists.

LOL :slight_smile: When you have a TV that breaks down as often as mine does, you tend to spend a lot more time reading… e.g. Cubase manuals :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re too modest Vic, cause the intriguing thing is that you said this info is missing from the Cubase manual :open_mouth: :smiley:

… only from that page of the manual :stuck_out_tongue: