Notebook with touchscreen/convertible for live use


I currently use Native Instruments Kontakt on a notebook on stage and control it via my digital piano. I’ve recently been using Steinberg VST Live to create songs and use them to control various NI Kontakt sounds. My thought is to control the song selection in VST Live using a touchscreen to avoid the mouse. I’m thinking in particular of a convertible notebook such as a Lenovo Yoga with a 13-inch display. Does anyone have experience with such a setting or thoughts on it? I would be happy.

Thanks for your feedback!


I installed VST Live on my old Surface Pro with 10.6" to test the operation via touch. Basically the selection of songs works, but scrolling through the song list is a bit fiddly because the scroll bar is very narrow. Does anyone have similar or better ones Experiences on a touch monitor that is slightly larger?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi @Michael_Kaden,

you can directly scroll the song-list with one finger. Just touch to a song and move your finger up and down. And if you want to use the scrollbar, you can can change the size of it in the Preferences (INTERFACE / Choose ScrollBar Size)


Wonderful. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I just need a recommendation for a high-performance convertible device :slight_smile:
Any ideas?

It depends on what you mean by “high performance”. Used it with Surface and Surface Book which was ok, but switched to Beelink Ryzen Mini-Computer with 4k touch monitor, where the CPU meter barely ever moves even at lowest possible latency. But it really depends on the number of activated plugins and their CPU consumption.

Thanks for the info. The setup with the Beelink PC sounds very interesting to me. I haven’t heard of that yet. Have you ever described this in more detail somewhere, i.e. which device and which monitor works well for you. Thanks for your feedback

It was a Beelink GTR5 Mini PC W11, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, but that’s some time ago and probably you’ll get a better one by now, just search for recommendations. A Mac Mini will probably do a good job as well.
The monitor is a LC-POWER LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED Portable 15.6 Inch 4K touchscreen monitor. It is quite expensive (prox 600 Euro) but unbeaten display, and even has a built-in battery. Used this setup successfully multiple times.
Just search for similar items and check properties to fit your needs.

Thank you, that sounds very interesting to me.

I continue to think about the topic of touch operation and I like the idea of ​​using a powerful minicomputer like the Beelink on stage. My idea is to control this via remote desktop. I just tried this out: I installed the “RD Client” app on my iPad, which allowed me to establish a remote connection to the Windows PC. VST Live was easy to control using the iPad’s touchscreen. I could simply place the iPad on my master keyboard and use it to select all the songs and sounds. That sounds wonderful to me :blush: Or maybe I’m missing a problem?
Thanks for any thoughts on this.

I don’t think you do. Some mouse actions may not be translated correctly, but as long as it does what you need it to do, you should be good to go.