[noted] Automation Scaling bug???

Has anyone noticed that the Vertical Move and Vertical Scale functions in the automation lane editor do the same thing?

Try this:

  1. Open an automation lane and activate read on it.
  2. Make some kind of curves or up and down pattern (like some jagged up and down points).
  3. Select it all and hover over the top. If you click and drag “Move Vertically” or “Scale Vertically” it has the same effect.

Shouldn’t the Move function keep the shape intact and just shift it up and down? Or am I missing something?


I even tried selecting the automation dots and moving them manually by grabbing them with the mouse. It still scales it and doesn’t keep the shape…


OK. It doesn’t do it on the EQ frq just on volume stuff. I’m sure there’s a reason. Anyone?

Hello CinStudios,
This seems to be a bug.
Confirmed (28280)

Thank you for the report.

This is not a bug:
For volume automation the “move vertical” keeps the db-ratio of the dots and not the visual shape, i.e. the db-distance stays constant. The “scale vertical” does a scaling in the db-range, so that the db-distance gets smaller/bigger.