Noteframe show certain part of player

I want to add a Noteframe (Notenrahmen) to an extra page. I want that the frame shows parts from a certain player, but not the beginning of the part rather than from bar 15 to 20.
Is it possible to set a certain start point for a note frame, so I don’t have to create an extra part.



Could you explain in more detail the circumstances why you need this? I would suggest to make a dummy page (or 2, to preserve left/right differences) and put the first bit of the music there, then removing those pages in post with a PDF editor. But I’m wondering if there isn’t a significantly easier way to achieve your desired end result with another method, like frame chains.

Since I am the lead Singer, I created a Front Page with my lyrics. In those lyrics, I would like to add some parts, like the solos, I play, or breaks or cues.
So what I do, is create a new part, copy those parts, and put them into the note frame in my lyrics page, and yes, then remove them with a PDF Editor.
Feels like a long, to do this.

You can’t do this at the moment. You should create a new flow containing only the material that you want to show in your new music frame, and then set the new music frame to use that flow.

Yes, that’s what I am doing.

The Problem is, it creates extra pages in all parts, wich I have to take out in a PDF Editor.

In setup Mode, you can exclude the extra flow from the parts (layouts) where it’s not needed. Or, alternatively, filter by flow in the frame chain on the Master Page.