Notehead Color

I tried all notehead options in Write and Engraving mode and don’t see a way to color selected noteheads. What’s an effective to change note colors? Why is it so difficult to find?

Bill McFadden

It’s in the ‘Common’ section of the Properties panel at the bottom:
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(And please don’t post the same question twice in short succession, it’s unnecessary and against the forum guidelines.)

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If you wanted the same colour consistently, you could create a custom notehead set with coloured noteheads to apply to multiple notes. You can also show voice colors, which automatically assigns colors to notes in different voices, and if you include annotations when you print/export, voice colours are included.

Dorico also provides a notehead set that uses different colours according to the pitch.

I first used “Note Head” and then realized most people used “Notehead”"

Are we in the engrave menu or write menu when we see the ‘Common’ section of the properties panel?

It’s there in both modes, and (just like me, 10 seconds ago, to be sure I wasn’t talking nonsense), you could have looked there yourself. It’s not exactly hidden. Sorry to be a bit blunt, but after all your redundant posts, irritation is growing.

You can edit your posts after posting if you want to amend anything, you don’t have to start a new thread - click the pencil icon forum_edit_button .

You could add a note that you’ve made an edit and what it was (e.g. “EDIT: I’ve changed the spelling of X” or “EDIT: added some clarifying information about my operating system”) if you want to be super-clear!

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What are the details, your lack of detail is very irritating

As I’m looking at the score, I don’t see any properties panel!

Press Ctrl-8 or Windows, or Cmd-8 on Mac.

Thank you. Apparently PjotrB is so familiar with the program he’s blind to details that novices are struggling with and then berates them.

You might find this introduction to the main interface and some key terms helpful :slight_smile:

There are related links at the bottom to more specific information about each area - see here for Panels.

This is a professional forum. We’re here to help, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

(with apologies to all the non-native English speakers for that one!)

And yes, it’s true that more experienced users can have difficulty seeing things from a new user’s perspective. You’ll always get the answers you need, though.

Bill, I berated you for posting the same question again and again. I’m sorry I didn’t realise I should’ve shown you how to find the properties panel in the first place.

@dankreider: that expression happens to be same in Dutch :slight_smile:

I answered one of the many threads opened, and everything was in my answer. Like three hours ago.

Apology accepted Peter. I scanned the web for answers and was missing that properties panel command or forgot about it. I’m coming from Sibelius. I really like the organization of Dorico and the constant updates.