Notehead Sets?


I am wanting to create a notehead set with commas/breath marks to indicate an audible breath in my score, but when I try to create a new notehead set and set up the comma (or just make ANY changes to the notehead automatically created in the new set, it changes the appearance of the default quarter note in the default notehead set as well. Any changes I try to make to a new notehead set affect the default notehead set (even renaming a notehead). I’m using v3.5 and I don’t recall ever having this issue in 3.1/earlier.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Addendum: I don’t have the option to change the default notehead in the drop down menu to the right of Category and Type.
It only shows one option (default notehead). If I try to rename the notehead, it renames both the new notehead and the default notehead to whatever I enter.

Noteheads can be part of multiple notehead sets.
That means that when you duplicate the default notehead set, the noteheads are part of the old and the new one.
Get rid of all the noteheads first and then add a new one with the plus sign.
You can also duplicate the notehead itself and get rid of the old one.

Thanks, klafkid. Unfortunately, I’m unable to delete any noteheads I don’t add to a set after creating a new set…

Here you can find a video of what I meant:

Also, just for the record:

Instead of duplicating the last notehead, you can just add a new one, which gives a clearer distinction between which is the one used in the standard notehead set.
And, if you don’t want any noteheads to be in multiple notehead sets altogether, just create a new one instead of duplicating the standard one.

Perfect! Thank you so much!