notehead shortcuts?

hi there, are there any shortcuts for noteheads? or popovers for selecting noteheads?
(such a drag selecting type of notehead by mouse…)


You might notice that when you invoke the context menu, you can access everything through the keyboard (sometimes, the use of the up or down arrows is required).
Since Leo taught me this trick, I use it all the time!

… right but that still is a bunch of clicking/selecting…
on Sibelius I’d press option-shift-0 to get X noteheads and it’d all be fantastic.
I see you can set a shortcut in “key Commands” for “notehead sets” but not for specific noteheads themselves…

Since they’re accessible through arrow keys, the next step would be to program a macro using Keyboard Maestro for Mac or AHK for Windows. Quite easily done, and it opens up many more possibilities for frequently-repeated functions.

Well, I just tried, and all it takes (and not mouse at all) is right-click, n, t, left arrow, up arrow, right arrow, x. I know that if you need to do it a lot, it can become a very fast path :wink: Certainly way faster than clicking around. Hope it helps!

oh i see what you’re saying. Still a bit cumbersome but easier than I thought. thanks!

Just picking this thread up to add to the idea / request to enable key commands for different noteheads.

It seems that (for a mac) option + shift + [number] would be a great way to quickly access the most commonly used noteheads, which I’d guess are cross, diamond, and hidden.

Is there a particular reason why we can’t already programme these in the Preferences > Key Commands?

nmrz, in Dorico 3.5 you can set your own key commands for different noteheads.

In answer to the wider question “why can’t we already programme these”: every command has to be mapped to the Key Commands dialog manually. There is a time cost for the development team there. In many cases, if you really want to add a key command you can, but it takes a little extra effort. See this guide I prepared earlier on how to do it.

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Thanks Leo, this is nice, though I’m yet to upgrade. Another reason to upgrade.