Noteheads menu

Is there a way to visualize noteheads like in MuseScore4 ?
It would make sense to have it with the note parameters, the only option available now is parenthesis.

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For those of us who are not familiar with that aspect of MuseScore, could you post a screenshot of what such visualizing looks like?

I think the Team would be quite familiar with what the OP is asking, as Sibelius also has long had a visual pick-list of noteheads.

The problem for Dorico is that there are so many to choose from, it is now a hierarchical menu. I don’t have a good idea of how to organize all those visually.

It’s basically a menu like the lines, trill, etc. But Dorico could apply it in the note parameters actually.
There could be either menus with sub menus or just a quick menu where the user can add the most used ones. This is another feature that Musescore has and I find very useful, the user can create a menu with common lines, indications, noteheads, etc.
If a project has many different noteheads it’s really not efficient to go each time to the menu…
I am trying Dorico, and it has many great features, but somethings just take extra steps.


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Agreed, but my question was worded “For those of us who are not familiar…” .
Sorry to be nit-picking but I almost never use MuseScore and Sibelius anymore since I bought Dorico (and even when I do it is only for things such as comparing XML import/export and changing old files into Dorico format) and had no idea of what was being referred to in the original post, there being no description or image.

Thank you for the description and the screenshot.
I understand now.