Noteheads y/x set

Dears colleagues,

I would like to use the Grisey’s notation for the sign of combination of pitch and air sound.

But there is a little bit of complication. I decided to make that cross noteheads.

But if I use some 2 notes and set the stem down, my x/y settings doesn’t work.
I would like to use the same position of notehead / as example no.1.

Snímka obrazovky 2021-01-16 o 11.04.39

Is there any possibility of how to hide the dot behind the note?

U have any ideas?


I’m afraid there’s no way to cause the rhythm dot to be hidden behind the notehead, no. Perhaps you would find it better to use a non-dotted note, and then hide the redundant rest that will appear in its stead?

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Hi Daniel,

yeah- good idea - that should be work - or I will use that (in this case) with any symbols.

But the second q. = I really don’t know why the notehead objects don’t work. If you look at the score example, I try to set the position of the notehead. But the settings didn’t work, while I used some note above.

Can you attach a minimal example that shows what you’ve been able to achieve so we can take a look?