Is it possible to change noteheads at this stage? (I would very much like some diamont noteheads) - or is this feature added later on? At least I cannot seem to find the way of doing it right now…
Best greetings Per Dybro Sørensen

Yes, you can do it by selecting the notes whose noteheads you want to change, then right-click and choose the notehead you want from the Notehead menu, or choose from the Notehead menu within the main Edit menu.

Easy enough to do, but I have noticed that there are no white diamond note-heads yet, so artificial harmonics look a bit funny. Unless I missed something somewhere, which is all too common for me!

Thank you!

  • Claude, the White notheads come only when the note note is a half note or longer. Of course it would be nice if you could chose a white at any length as it is clearer recognizable :slight_smile:

Behind Bars recommends hollow diamond noteheads for all artificial string harmonics (p. 420)

I don’t really consider Dorico to have support for harmonics yet: really this should be done by way of a proper semantic feature rather than simply changing the notehead.

I was quite sure you would say that, and I have to say that I agree. Let’s play the long game here. Still, we cannot be blamed for wanting temporary solutions from time to time, even though they may spoil Dorico’s overall philosophy!

As difficult as it is to say (and for some to hear) I say “stick with the road map.” Other programs that have made compromises for a quick fix then have to deal with how to undo them as they become legacy features. Some things are worth waiting for so that they are done right. I am not opposed to work-arounds, but work-arounds are the users’ challenge, not the developers.

Yes: stick to the road map, it is all quite convincing! - but is it possible at this stage to have notes with no heads?

Yes, but guess it should be classified as a workaround. Select the notehead(s) and open the properties panel. At left in the Common Panel, activate color, then click the black square and accept what comes up, except change the value of Alpha Channel to 0.

Beautiful workaround, thank you!!

  • though it only works if you export graphics in color… (or print?: i didn’t try to print…)

well, it’s only a workaround :slight_smile: It doesn’t work properly when printing either. Have to export to pdf and then print that…

This workaround (and it is indeed only a workaround – we will have a proper feature for this in due course) will print correctly in the forthcoming 1.0.30 update.