Notenumbers wich controls Cubase


A few month ago, I bought a Roland A300pro controller keyboard. The supplied templates for Cubase sucks. The rotery encoders intended to use as a pancontrol doesn’t do the job, the drumpads aren’t used for drums.

I edited the machine so I could use it as a drumcontroller for Groove Agent

Last week I edited the rotary encoders to function as controllers for quick controls, and the ninth one for master volume for midi instruments. (controller 7)

I read somewhere that Cubase is remote controlled by notenumbers. Has anyone a list of which is listed what notenumber controls a function in Cubase? I know for instance that notenumber 50 flips the fader from volume to pan. If I have a list of this notenumbers, I can make a nice template for Cubase.

Any help is apreciated.

Robin, The Netherlands.

It is probably referring to the Generic Remote Device. See page 302 of the Cubase 5 Operation Manual .pdf.
The Generic Remote Device (which is part of Cubase :wink: ) allows you to set up an external MIDI controller device (such as your MIDI keyboard) to pilot many of Cubase’s functions. (it is actually less complicated than it might first read :wink: )

Thnx Vic, I will look at that! That might be the answer…

I took a look on that, and it gave me more understanding of how Cubase works with controllers. I could not find a specific list, but instead - if I am right - found out you can choose whatever you want as long as it is with a corrosponding message from your controller. I spent a few hours yesterday evening, and it was good fun to dive some deeper in Cubase.

I’m getting closer to what I want in Cubase with my Roland A 300pro controller!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yep, that’s how it works! :slight_smile:
[Tip]… to store your Generic Remote Devices (you can create several of them, independently), you need to use the function, “Export” (even though you don’t need to re-import :wink: ). The settings will be retained globally… but are not actually stored in the saved Project.

My next problem is maybe worth it’s own topic: if I choose a track preset for groove agent one, I am not able to choose a input ie. controller and output ie. groove agent. I have to uncheck the drum map and then choose the appropiete drum map, and everything is fine again. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

(yep, it’s a different subject :wink: ). When you start the new topic, could you give a few more details, please?..
How are you loading GA1 (Instrument track, or VSTi rack)?
Where are you loading the Track Preset?
At what stage did you load the Drum Map?
(in other words… step-by-step, so that we could recreate the same situation :wink: )

Thanx Vic, I will do that.