Notenwerte verdoppeln

Mir liegt eine MIDI-Sequenz vom 3. Satz Beethoven 7. Symphonie vor.
Leider steht diese im 3/8 Takt.
Das Original steht allerdings im 3/4 Takt:
Gibt es in Dorico die Möglichkeit der Umrechnung (Verdoppelung der Notenwerte) oder muss ich alles neu eingeben?

Liebe Grüße
Peter (DP4)

Ja, gibt es, unter „Bearbeiten“. Du solltest den Insert Modus anhaben.

Alternative is to Google a little. I by chance also used this symphony to practice Dorico and also the various in and export features and best orchestral libraries to make this master piece sound best possible with virtual players. I also stumbled on this midi version with the wrong time signature. There are several available for free however with the correct signature.

It remains lot of work however to adapt the midi import to the real score but MusicXML is for sure not better. I also tried it by generating MusicXML using Newzik but that gives a mess for scores not having all instruments play all the time.

Habe ich mir angeguckt und nicht gefunden…

LG Peter

Schau mal hier:

Gibt dir das:

Dann Taktart ändern (ohne Insert-Modus):
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-07 um 13.54.17

Unter “Schreiben” habe ich nicht geguckt…

Habe es jetzt 3x ausprobiert und die komplette Partitur ausgewählt (markiert)

Allerdings stürzt DP4 dann, wie mir scheint, bei der Berechnung jedesmal komplett ab :frowning:

Aber danke für Deine Hilfe!!!

Thanks for your mail.

I didn’t find a MIDI with the correct signature, although I tried all files I found.

I wonder why the authors all chose 3/8 signature…



it is frustrating I am rather sure there were several versions on the Kunst-der-Fugue site but now I only see the one from P. Cvikl which you also find on many other sites and which has ⅜.

Yes, that’s the one I am working on.

I tried to to double the notes via Dorico three times, but Dorico crashes every time.

Next try is to the double each instrument individually - let’s see what happens.

Otherwise I will have to enter each note manually… - when finished I can send you a copy (DP4 or MIDI) if you want.

(p.s. I downloaded the 4th movement from the Kunst der Fuge site and found out that large parts of the horn and trombone voices were missing…)

Thanks but I have already completed editing all four movements of the 7th symphony in Dorico starting from Midi with help of some older facsimile full score and some newer instrument scores. After importing Midi you indeed sometimes have to add or ove some notes or change the pitch an octave up or down. Some imported Midi files also do not register 1/32 or even 1/16 notes correctly.

I have a version with only VSL Synchron instruments and one using BBCSO but I am not fully satisfied with the result. Equalising, mixing and balancing is not easy in Dorico. In the end I only did some gain staging in Dorico and then exported as audio to a DAW to further improve.

The main issue are none balanced volume of staccato notes in the strings and woodwind part, also trumpet volume balancing is difficult (e.g. in the 2nd movement after the pure strings intro) and it is also difficult to get fast volume changes of the whole orchestra to sound natural (lots of those in the 3rd movement). All is to extreme using the default Dorico dynamics interpretation. You do hear interesting instrument phrases particularly in the 2nd movement which never come out clearly in real orchestral performances.

I can generate a MusicXML of the 3rd movement from my Dorico 4.0 version if you want. Midi is a but tricky with all the repeats and I probably have to delete all instruments first to avoid that you get the key switches in the score. You can of course delete them or hide them if you also have VSL instruments but that is a lot of work.


Since I’ve got it, I started digitalizing classical masterpieces, because it was the first library that sounded not artificial. HALION sounds poor in comparison!!

I succeeded in editing Beethoven 5th 1. movement, as I would conduct it.

There are lots of tools in the Key Editor, which helped my interpretation to make it real.

But I must admit, that ornamentation in DP is v e r y poor!

Yours Peter