Noteperfmer mixer - introductory page only accessible

When I click E for the NotePerformer mixer, I’m getting an introduction to NotePerformer in Dorico, which is very useful. Previously I used to get the NP mixer!

I think you need to go to the Play mode, then the Play Menu and select Playback Template. Then select NotePerformer, then click Apply and Close.

Thanks Rob. You’re correct, but it’s odd because I had checked that window already. However this time I clicked “Show Factory” which deselected NP, which I then reselected!

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I now have a situation where the NotePerformer won’t let me make any changes, although the levels are responding when the score is playing. I’ve tried quitting Dorico and starting again, also resetting the template, but it seems that the mixer is stuck!

If you’re having problems with the mixer shown in the NotePerformer window, unfortunately we can’t assist with that: please contact Wallander’s support for help.

Ok - I hadn’t thought of that. I will contact them right away. Thanks