NotePerfomer and Halion (Included)

Hello People of Dorico Forums,

I know I have posted a few forums the past few days but please bear with me. This is my first time using a professional notation software (I personally wouldn’t count Musescore). In Musescore you were able to run many different soundfonts at the same time. In Dorico, I’m not sure if there is a working way, if there is I haven’t discovered it yet. When I try to run NotePerformer and Halion (included) at the same time and I just get no sound. I don’t know if this is because I’ve done something wrong. I have been able to run NotePerformer on its on and Halion on its own. There are a few sounds of Halion I like better than NotePerformer, like the Flugelhorn sound for example. I’d love to know if this is possible and how to do it.

Thanks in Advance,
Ian Hook

You certainly can use NotePerformer and HALion Sonic SE in conjunction with each other. You do this using playback templates. I suggest you read a bit of the documentation and let us know if you can’t figure out how to set things up correctly.

Okay, Will do, Thanks again!